“Safe Haven Baby” – Drop Off Box for Babys

Humanity is a human trait that is worthy of respect. Humanity should be possessed and applied by every person, but it is not a characteristic of spiritually poor people. Humanity is a trait that reflects the greatness of a man and his rich spirituality. Humanity is the greatest virtue that an individual can possess. It is one of the basic principles of a person, it is part of the ethic of life.

Humanity is a very important trait of people as members of society who want to contribute to its development and help individuals who are poor, sick and homeless. Humanitarian actions are organized daily in order to raise money for people who have been diagnosed with a serious illness but do not have enough funds for surgery, various magazines and greeting cards are sold to help those living in appalling conditions, citizens are encouraged. to donate clothes and organize blood donation actions. All these appeals are most prevalent on social networks as the most powerful media that can convey the urgent message the fastest and most efficiently.

Hunter Wart is a teenager from Indiana. Hunter came up with an idea that he wanted to realize and for that purpose he saved money for more than a year. Hunter Wart came up with the idea of ​​creating a box for abandoned babies in his hometown. Such boxes exist in other cities, but he wanted to place them in his city as well. To achieve that goal, Hunter did everything from mowing lawns, doing all sorts of weird things to get money, scrapped metal, and so on. He eventually managed to raise the money.. He managed to raise $ 10,000 to set up the baby box, which contained an alarm directly connected to Seymour’s fire department. About 200 days after the box was installed, Hunter received his first newborn baby, and the alarm was heard by Seymour’s fire department. Chief Brad Lucas was notified of the incident, so the entire team arrived on the scene in less than a minute. In a statement to the media, Chief Brad Lucas said he was delighted with the efficiency of the system because it paid off. The abandoned baby was rescued.

Credits to: CNN

The baby that was rescued was about an hour old. As Chief Lucas explains, this box is set up so that the mother has this choice. The whole team felt really proud after this baby was rescued and after his future for family and warm home was re-lit. Lucas wanted this baby to be called Mia, so it happened. After Mia was rescued, she was placed in the state social service for child care. City Mayor Matt Nicholson was also briefed on the success of Safe Haven Baby and was particularly proud of the baby’s rescue. Everyone thinks that it is a really good option to save the babies, because we all know what places the abandoned babies can reach, and unfortunately many of them do not survive while waiting to be found. This baby got a chance for a new life and a chance for a warm home and a caring family.

Why “Safe Haven Baby” – Drop off Box for Babys?

The fact is that mothers who abandon their children face condemnation from society in the first place, without being heard or justified for their actions. These mothers have a fear of prosecution as well as a fear of recognition. These boxes provide safe indirect handover from the mother to social services for abandoned children. In the end, the most important thing is to provide shelter for abandoned children and to place them in warm homes.