Spooky Things that Kids have Said about their ‘Past Lives’

Children tend to say honest things. But they also tend to say rather strange things. Usually, some random outbursts of young children are either pointless or ridiculous. However, sometimes such outbursts deviate in a frightening and spooky direction.

The strangest thing that can be heard from children is exactly what they have in mind about their past lives. If you believe in reincarnation, then such strange things that children say is a fact that they can only be a memory of their past life. Children have a strange relationship and have a memory of it for some time, and it is believed that this is because in the present life they do not have enough memories that will occupy their minds. Some of the parents wrote down the strangest things they heard from their children. Read some of them below.

1. “Oh, that’s where I died, isn’t it?”

“My family took everyone on a trip to see their old neighborhood. They drove by a house where, about 15 years earlier, a little girl was hit by a car and died. My cousin – who was about 4 at the time, never had been in the neighborhood, and never heard this tragic story – stopped what she was doing and said, ‘Oh, that’s where I died, isn’t it?’ She then resumed playing with her dolls (or whatever it was she was doing). ”

2. “It wasn’t a dream, I remembered.”

“My daughter, right before she turned 5, was in our hall in the middle of the night, still asleep, whimpering and crying. I got her to come lay down with me, and when I asked her what the dream was, she got very upset and said ‘It wasn’t a dream, I remembered.’ She told me she remembered when she was a bad dog, and they made her go to sleep. I asked her about it again later and she got very upset, said she was a bad dog and started crying saying she didn’t want to remember it again. She has no idea what it means to put a dog down, let alone that it is what happens to ‘bad dogs.'”

3. “Now they will be gone for 1,000 days.”

“I am raised Roman Catholic. My son is raised Roman Catholic. But I was dating this Muslim guy who would play prayers constantly (that were on YouTube). This particular day, my boyfriend was playing a prayer that’s supposed to protect you from jinn. My 3-year-old son looked up from his coloring book and said clear as day ‘Now they will be gone for 1,000 days.’ My boyfriend looked him dead in the eye and was like, ‘How do you know that?’ My son smiled, shrugged, and continued to color. I don’t know if this is true, but my boyfriend explained that if you recited that specific prayer it was supposed to banish evil spirits for 1,000 days. To this day, I still get chills when I think about it.”


4. “I was your mom in heaven.”

“My 3-year-old said, ‘I was your mom in heaven.’ Multiple times. When I was six weeks pregnant with her, my mom died unexpectedly the day she found out the secret that I was pregnant at 40 with what would be her last and 21st grandchild. We were going to surprise her on her 75th birthday, two weeks later, but a niece let the secret out. When my girl was 4, we were looking through pictures boxes. I have no family pictures posted in my house. Later that night, I realized my girl took three pictures of my mom and put then in her room. She’s never seen pictures of my mom before. I asked her why she took those pictures and she said, ‘Because I’m pretty.'”


5. “My 2-year-old daughter has recently been talking about my wife being hit by a car…”

“… She has been saying things like ‘mummy stood in front of a car. she got squashed like a shoelace!,’ or ‘my mum got hit by a car and she got died! We were all crying!’

I mentioned this to my wife. She assumed that our daughter was talking about a dream or imaginary game. She asked her about it later and got a similar response ‘You walked on the road. Then a car squished you! Everyone was sad.’ My wife asked her when this happened. My daughter replied, ‘Soon!’ Naturally this upset my wife a bit, but she hasn’t been hit by a car yet.