The first “Hemp – Wood” factory is Built in Kentucky!

Fibonacci Hempwood Factory

Greg Wilson’s company named Fibonacci Hempwood Factory is located in Kentucky. This company will be used for the production of tiles, blocks, cutting boards, skateboards, floor slats, etc. Fibonacci Hempwood Factory uses technology that has already been developed in the Chinese industry, it is bamboo knitting. In fact, the technology is used in another company also owned by Greg Wilson, called SmartOak. This company creates constructed wood products, using carcasses that would normally be turned into wood shavings. More than 40,000 hectares of hemp are grown at the Fibonacci Hempwood Factory headquarters. Most interestingly, all the products that will be created in this factory will be much cheaper than the products made of oak wood.

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Why use hemp in the Fibonacci Hempwood Factory?

Usually people want to buy furniture and other wooden products, usually made of oak. But the hemp tree is the latest innovation that has both ecological and economic goods. From an economic point of view, hemp is much cheaper than oak. From an ecological point of view, hemp grows 100 times faster than oak, because it only takes 3-4 months to mature, while in comparison, oak needs at least 6 decades to mature. Environmentalists will be happiest with this innovation, as oak forests will be preserved, as they are one of the most endangered trees on the planet due to the fact that the demand for oak furniture and other products is growing. Hemp wood also has 20 percent more strength compared to oak.

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What is hemp wood made of?


Hemp wood in its composition, as the name suggests, is created from hemp fibers that are composed of soy-based adhesives that together form a solid base of hemp wood. The research of Fibonacci Hempwood Factory founder Greg Wilson began a long time ago. He did thorough research on how the use of hemp could be developed. The first research started in 2005, to create the Fibonacci Hempwood Factory in 2019.

Interesting facts!

The first toilet paper was made of hemp! Do not destroy forests because of our buttocks !!!

Before mass toilet paper production began, elite people used hemp, wool or lace to wipe off after using the toilet. Poor people, on the other hand, used leaves, algae, husks, hay, or whatever they could find at the time, and sometimes used the rivers to wash themselves after using the toilet. In 1857, Joseph C. Gayetty invented the first commercial toilet paper in the United States. This innovation, this product was made from Manila hemp, and the toilet paper was moistened and soaked with aloe. This product was first sold as medical toilet paper. Later in 1867 the production of dry toilet paper began with the Scott brothers. At the time, Joseph C. Gayetty’s idea of ​​hemp toilet paper was not economically viable. What people used as an alternative to wiping after using the toilet, such as magazines, was free at the time. The Scott brothers made their toilets out of small money trees, so this product became a necessity for every need.