The Miraculous Health Benefits of Drinking Honey With Hot Water

You can add many spices or sweeteners to your either hot or cold beverages to enhance the flavor, yet nothing is as healthy and extremely favorable as lemon and honey are. Their nutritive value is indeed indisputable.

Yes, water is the source of life and Mother Nature’s most valuable gift since it’s of vital importance for your entire body. Yet, mixing a bit of honey or lemon in a glass of plain water will do wonders for the health of your entire organism.

Honey’s nutritive value was known even since ancient time. It undoubtedly provides amazing healing properties which are extremely beneficial for the entire body.

Honey added to warm water makes for a perfect detoxifier, flushing out all of those toxins leading to various diseases. At the same time honey collects the water from the kidneys preventing that unpleasant nighttime urination. However, the marvelous health benefits of honey don’t end here. At the same time it has detoxifying powers on the intestines, cleansing them from the deposits of toxins and cleansing the digestive tract of parasites.

You might wonder where do all of these benefits come from. Well, considering the fact that the raw organic honey is full with enzymes and vitamins, which contribute to the powerful antiseptic, antiviral and antibacterial properties, and in addition making it a powerful antioxidant, helping the body easily get rid of the free radicals, it’s no marvel that it has such miraculous effect on a person’s health.

Following are some of the most common health benefits honey has on a person’s organism.


  • As a great bacteria eliminator honey plays a key role in rejuvenating the colon flora;


  • Honey mixed with water has a soothing effect on the throat, reducing soreness and irritation, therefore it’s recommended to consume if you notice symptoms of a cold or a flu. And it’s recommendable to consume it in order to prevent ones to appear.


  • Honey is also beneficial in the weight loss process, because it can help you easily get rid of the excess weight. Taking regard it consists of natural sugar it will ward you off the sweet cravings and at the same time lower the intake of calories.


  • It is also a great energy booster, and with even increased intensity when combined with warm water, meaning you won’t need many cups of coffee a day in order to keep you energized. Take a glass of lukewarm water, add a tablespoon of honey, squeeze a lemon to it and drink it on an empty stomach every day. You will undoubtedly feel the difference and definitely lower the intake of caffeine, noticing how energy boosting this simple drink is. And not only this miraculous drink is one amazing and healthy energy provider, but presents a great health improving weapon in addition to the detoxifying properties. It’s recommended to be consumed early in the morning, since the body absorbs the most at this time of the day on an empty stomach or late night before going to bed. And not to worry about the late night urination problems, since it has a soothing effect on the kidneys and their work as we already mentioned.


  • It is also beneficial to wash your face with this mixture, having a hydrating and nourishing effect providing softness and shine at the same time.

The health benefits of honey are indeed indisputable. And adding lemon juice to it only enhances its powerful health properties. So, don’t lose more time, but start implementing honey in your nutrition as often as possible and feel the positive effects on your immune system.