Get Rid of the Inflammation and Chronic Pain Easily –with the Help of Lemon

Without doubt, there are tons of reasons why lemon deserves to be called the super food. Taking regard its wide range of minerals and vitamins, such as A, B1,B6 and C, and pectin, magnesium, calcium, potassium, folic acid, bioflavonoids and phosphorus it’s undoubtedly one of the master cures on the planet.

Due to these nutrients not only is capable to fight against many diseases and conditions, but it hasa positive curing effect on the organs and boosts the immune system at the same time. Known for the bitter taste of the peel and the sour taste of the juice, it can serve as a buffer of our system, helping to minimize the hyperactivity within the stomach.

The peel of the lemon is also a great antiseptic and the leaves of the plant help in reducing fever.
At the same time, this miraculous fruit can also release joint pain. The peel is also rich in fragrant essential oils which are great for relaxing blood vessels. They also create an anti-inflammatory effect, beneficial for nerve and joint pains. And for that purpose, we’ll be discussing about a simple but a very effective recipe, which can be prepared within seconds only.

How to cure joint pain using lemon

Grate the yellow lemon peel, and rub the grated peel on the trouble area on the body. Wrap it with a bandage and leave it for around two hours.

Another method of preparing and using the lemon peel is to grind it and place it in a jar. Then fill in the jar with olive oil, close it and leave it to stay for fourteen days. After these two weeks, rub the trouble area with this oil and wrap a gauze over it. It’s recommended to leave it over night.

Note: As is a rule for every consumption or usage of fruit and vegetable. Organic products are mainly recommended if you want to experience positive results.