This Scuba Diver’s Head-to-Head Contact with a Giant Anaconda is Terrifying

What’s your reaction to the word anaconda? Chills, we bet. It’s not just you – the terrifying creature sends chills down anyone’s spine. If even the word is that scary, imagine meeting the creature head to head. That’s what a scuba diver recently experienced on a trip to the Formoso river.

The giant snake usually inhabits dark and murky waters across South America. It can grow over 4 meters, with legendary specimens seen in the wild 3 times that size. Crystal clear waters such as the Formoso river are not typical for anacondas, yet a scuba diver recently met a giant one while diving.

The Formoso river is the only place in the world where people can dive with the predator. You know, if anyone has the courage to do so. Bartolomeo Bove and Juca Ygarape definitely had it, coming in contact with a giant anaconda that measured over 7 meters and probably weighed over 90 kgs. The chilling video shows the creature lying at the bottom of the river and inspecting the camera before running away.

A Terrifying Encounter

Of course, it’s not for the faint hearted. Bove is not a regular tourist. He’s a professional diver that has done the same with sharks. The Formoso river was the perfect opportunity for him to meet the giant creature. As he explains it, the waters around the Bonito area are perfectly clear and the only spaces where people can dive with anacondas. The one captured on camera was perfectly calm and indifferent to Bovo and Ygarape’s presence. This confirms that diving with them is possible, if you’re careful and you have the courage.

The green anaconda is the biggest species of snake in the world. It can grow well over 9 meters and weight over 250 kg. While not venomous, the anaconda is incredibly strong, killing much larger prey than itself. There have been numerous reports of massive specimens found in the wild twice the expected size. No live specimen has been caught, but many Brazilian reports have speculated about missing persons in the jungle being eaten alive by huge anacondas.

The reptile is truly terrifying, but also magnificent, at least on camera. Check out Bovo’s video if you have the heart for it:

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