Try This Challenging Test and See What Kind of Person You Are

Love doing quizzes and tests? If that’s the case, you’re going to love this one. It will reveal what kind of person you are and the only thing you need to do is make a fist with your hand. The way you do it can reveal a lot about your character.

Take a look at the image – which fist is yours?

A: Thumb over the fingers

You’re a person with unquenched curiosity. You are also energetic and a bit anxious, always in search for fresh knowledge. Your goal in life is to help others and you’ll never stop no matter the case. One could describe you as a fearless adventurer, but you still need a lot of support and help from the people closest to you.

B: Thumb around the fingers

You’re a communicative and easygoing person that’s quite popular with others. Self-esteem is at your core. You are a great leader among friends and at work, yet you’re hesitant to make big decisions because you’re afraid of failure.

C: Thumb in palm

Those who make a fist by tucking in the thumb in the palm are precise and often ask a lot from those around them. They are sharp-minded and easygoing, yet a bit shy. These people are widely believed to be quiet and calm by others around them.