What Do You Call Your Pet? Furry Baby? Honey?

If you own a pet then you certainly feel it as a family member and you love it the most in the whole world. As for your child, you will surely find a kind word for your pet. What do you call your dog? Do you call him baby, honey or? Some even call their pets fur babies. How did this expression come about? The term originated in the western world where people began to call their furry pets that, and dogs are often called that. This term expresses the owner’s connection to his pet and in some way describes the feelings you have for your pet.

Image source: secretlifeofmom.com

Of course, this term has met with serious criticism from the general public by other pet owners as well as those who do not own pets at all. Some people consider that term an insult. Proponents of the use of the term furry babies, in defense of all who use the term, say that the term is also used by people who for various reasons do not have children, and the only thing that is “child-like” is actually the dog, so they add that expression to express their love for the pet. On the other side of the story, however, parents of children feel frustrated by comparing a human child to a furry pet. So we can safely conclude that the parents of children are usually the ones who literally hate the term furry babies.

It is more than necessary to understand the difference between having a human baby and having a furry pet. There are huge differences between the two and the responsibilities for their survival are different. It is not right to humanize pets, because caring for a pet is minimal compared to caring for a child and is almost incomparable. Why? The pet asks for food during the day, the food is left in the food container, water is put in the water container, so when the pet is hungry or thirsty it goes and drinks water or eats food. When he needs a walk, the owner does it with him. But when it comes to a child, is there really a need to explain all the responsibilities around the child for 24 hours? Yes, maybe at the moment if someone reads this without a child, he says it sounds simple, but the very fact that you have to take care of the child and be available 24/7, for the dog you have to spend a maximum of 2-3 hours during all day and night, so this fact speaks for itself. Of course, the importance of having a pet and caring for it does not diminish, but it is simply incomparable in terms of caring for and caring for a child.

Let our “fur babies” be pets

There is no need to exaggerate the responsibilities and give human characteristics to our pets. The joy that fills the home from the very presence of the pet and their presence as a member of the family is fine, but to be realistic that the dog is just a dog, it can never replace a child or vice versa. Those two things are simply incomparable. Let your dog be just a dog, or a cat be just a cat or any other furry pet. This term can also have a psychological characteristic, in that by connecting in such a way to your pet, calling him a furry baby, you get the false feeling that you are the mother of that “baby”. This can have serious consequences in the long run. What if that “furry baby” dies? And eventually it will happen. What will happen next to that person, his owner? It is not only the expression that is used, but also its deeper application and meaning. Go back to reality and look at your dog with love, give him your love and care and attention, but stick to reality and realize that it is just a dog and that it is your pet, not your child.