6 Unbelievable Benefits from Keeping Jasmine Plant in the Bedroom

It is a well known fact that plants enable to get more oxygen flowing in the house and they improve the quality of air. Still, did you know that a very few plants bring amazing benefits to you in decreasing the levels of depression, anxiety and panic attacks?

In a recent USA research, a direct connection between the stress and oxygen levels was established. Or simply said, the higher the level of indoor toxins is, the greater is the possibility for feeling stressed and anxious. For that reason, it is very important to maintain clean air in your home, in order to improve your wellbeing and mood.

Another laboratory research also done in the USA concluded that the aroma of jasmine essential oil and jasmine plant calmed significantly mice when their cage was loaded with it. The jasmine scent made the mice stop all of their activities and they just sat quietly and calmly in a corner.

The benefits of the jasmine aromatherapy were further confirmed with brain scans – the jasmine provoked a development of a chemical named GABA that is known for encouraging rest and relieving anxiety. Moreover, it was concluded that the jasmine aroma increase the quantity of GABA for five times in comparison to other aromas, proving that jasmine has better effects that anti-anxiety and sleeping pills.

The conclusions from the above research and other scientific studies confirmed that both the jasmine essential oil and the jasmine plant have many benefits to people’s health, as follows:

  1. Helps in relieving nervous tension, panic attacks and anxiety
  2. Improves the hormones balance to women, in particular conditions related to hot flashes, mood swings, libido and PMS
  3. Decreases depression and boosts feelings of happiness
  4. Treats insomnia and enables better and restful sleep quality
  5. Boosts concentration, cognitive performance and alertness
  6. Relieves muscle spasms

In addition to the benefits from the jasmine aroma, it is recommended for it to be combined with regular intake of organic spirulina, especially of you are suffering or undergoing a depression and anxiety treatment. The B vitamins from the spirulina tend to improve your mood condition and help you to keep up to the optimum dietary intake per day. All you have to do is take one table spoon of spurulina every day, while enjoying the jasmine scent and feel all the benefits to yourself.