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Amazing Home-made Creamy Banana Mixture Against Cough and Bronchitis

When the weather becomes colder and colder, the enemy number 1 to everyone, in particular to people living in big cities, is the vicious constant cough. Not till the last decade, the cough was a disease related to long-term effects of smoking cigarettes or old age. Now, the vicious cough is considered to be a natural and normal condition to everyone living in a big city. Some scientists even state that the cough cannot be considered a sign of athletic capacity or health condition, because it is needed to make a detailed examination to determine the cough as a symptom or a natural body reaction.

The cough is a pointer that there might be some issue with the respiratory system. Sometimes, the cough can indicate flu or common cold, but sometimes it can indicate a more complex state such as bronchitis. So when you start coughing, do not run immediately to the pharmacy and take the best and the most expensive cough syrup and waste your money, but try some natural alternative treatment.

Namely, in a study that has been on-going since 2006, it was concluded that cough syrup and related medicaments do not relieve coughing. Instead, it is considered that these medicaments cause a placebo effect, due to the constant advertising by their manufacturers.

Therefore, we suggest you to try this home-made creamy banana mixture against cough and bronchitis.

You need the following ingredients: 2 ripe organic bananas (the ones with spots), 400 milliliters of water and 2 tablespoons of raw organic honey.

Firstly, boil the water. While you wait for the water to start boiling, pee the bananas and mash them in a separate bowl aside, preferably with a wooden spoon. In the bowl with mashed bananas, add slowly the boiling water and mix it. Cover the bowl and let it rest for not more than 30 minutes. Afterwards, when the mixture is cold, put in the organic raw honey and mix it all well, using the wooden spoon.

It is recommended that you consume 100 ml of this anti-cough creamy mixture 4 times per day. If you want to, you can heat it up a bit before you consume it.

This creamy mixture should relieve the body and the respiratory system against any cough. Moreover, due to the serotonin levels in bananas, they can improve the sleep quality despite relieving the cough at night.

Still, if you experience constant, recurring cough after consumption of this mixture that could be a sign of a severe infection or condition. We recommend you to visit your general practitioner immediately.

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