Meet the Blue Java Banana – the Banana that Tastes Like Vanilla Ice Cream.

Meet the Blue Java Banana Have you ever heard of the Blue Java Banana? It’s a type of banana that tastes amazingly similar to vanilla ice-cream. It even has the consistency of ice-cream! That’s how it got its name in Hawaii – the ice cream banana, while Central America calls it cenizo and Fiji named it Hawaiian banana. The Blue Java has a blue peel before it ripens and a sweet aroma. Once they are ripe, the peel changes to yellow-green and the inside becomes yellowish-white. It’s originally from Southeast…

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Amazing Home-made Creamy Banana Mixture Against Cough and Bronchitis

When the weather becomes colder and colder, the enemy number 1 to everyone, in particular to people living in big cities, is the vicious constant cough. Not till the last decade, the cough was a disease related to long-term effects of smoking cigarettes or old age. Now, the vicious cough is considered to be a natural and normal condition to everyone living in a big city. Some scientists even state that the cough cannot be considered a sign of athletic capacity or health condition, because it is needed to make…

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