How Many Letters Q Can You Find in This Picture ?!

Brains, math puzzles, logic puzzles … they are all a great way to do a good exercise for your brain and to increase and improve its abilities. A great way to spend quality time and compete with your friends over who can solve a particular puzzle better and faster.

In front of you is another series of great puzzles, which require you a simple task, and that is to try to find out how many letters Q are hidden in this picture. All you need to do is take some time, turn on your logical thinking, set the eyesight at the highest level, and try to find all the Q letters in the picture. Come on try!

How are you? Were you able to find all the letters Q in the picture? How long did it take you? To make the puzzle even more interesting, you can turn on the stopwatch and measure the time it will take for you and your friends to discover all the letters Q in the picture.

Let’s find out how many Q letters there are in the picture to check your score.The correct answer to the question how many letters Q are in this picture is 8. There are exactly 8 letters Q in the picture. See below for their exact location.

If you managed to find them all, congratulations! You have superior perceptual power and great focus!