Picnic For The Family – A Puzzle That Confuses the Internet

Puzzles are an interesting way to spend quality and fun time. They often know how to create difficulties for solving them, but still it makes them even more interesting. In front of you is a puzzle that requires you to do a simple thing. Let’s see what it’s all about.

Credits to: tiffytaffy.com

Answer the riddle: How many did actually go on the picnic?

An elderly couple went on a picnic. Now, they have 5 sons and every single son has 3 children. So, how many people actually went on the picnic?

Is mathematics your strong point? If so, we believe that you will not have to bother to solve this puzzle. However, even those who are less good at math, should not have a problem to solve the puzzle, because just a little logic will help you find the right answer and the right solution.

To be able to solve this puzzle successfully, you need to consider all the people who went to this picnic. The other thing to watch out for is not to confuse with the solution, but to think carefully. The most important thing is to read the question very carefully.

Did your thinking lead you to the correct answer 22 people? Well unfortunately that is not the correct answer. The first part of the puzzle says that an older couple went on a picnic. What they write that they have children and grandchildren should not be extra important. The sentence does not say that they also went on a picnic.

How many did actually go on the picnic?


The answer to this puzzle is 2. Only 2 people went on a picnic.