Spend the Rest of Your Life in a Nursing Home or Hotel?

Old age and at the same time retirement days are a period in which every old person should enjoy. The working life has passed, the period of rest and relaxation has come. But what if the time comes when someone has to take care of the old person, but there will be no one? Of course, the nursing home is the first variant that everyone can think of, even the person who should be accommodated there. But Terry Robison got an ingenious idea of where to stay, but it’s not a nursing home.

Credits to: healthy-holistic-living.com

Terry Robinson is the old man who got an unusual idea of ​​where to spend his retirement days. He came up with an ingenious idea to spend the last days of his life in a hotel. Wondering why? Robinson thinks his hotel stay will be cheaper than his stay in a nursing home. According to his calculations, the average cost of living in a nursing home is $ 188 on a daily basis. A hotel stay combined with a long stay and a discount offered to the elderly, the price would be only $ 59.23 on a daily basis. Far cheaper, isn’t it? In addition, Robinson explains the benefits of enjoying hotel accommodation as opposed to nursing home accommodation. Starting with the pool, spa, pool, free shampoos and soaps, and especially the treatment you will receive as a client, while with the placement in the nursing home you are treated as their patient, not as a client. The freedom that Robinson will enjoy is far different from what is planned in the nursing home.

It is interesting that Robinson shared this whole idea on social networks. Of course, this whole story was a joke of Robinson, but despite that, it met with harsh criticism from some. Critics mention people with physical disabilities who would be prevented from enjoying their stay at the hotel and such people would really need constant care and assistance, which they would certainly receive in a nursing home, but not in a hotel. These people would need help moving, eating, dressing, bathing and so on.

It is not that Robinson’s thesis is completely unachievable. With the fact that nursing homes can reach very high prices, many families could not withstand that financial burden, and on the other hand would not have the opportunity to care for the elderly in the home. What would be the solution then?

Of course, everything that is published publicly on social networks encounters opinions and criticism, both positive and negative, but the goal is to open a debate and elaborate on the topic. Robinson has definitely opened a topic of conversation, and although his plan sounds great, in reality it could not be completely fulfilled. Or could it? What are your thoughts on this topic? Where would you send your grandparents to spend the rest of their lives? In a nursing home or a hotel?