How to Bourn Fat

If there are only a few pounds you want to lose, then you probably will not need a diet that is very extensive and complex. Although it’s not recommended, most people in such situations usually choose etc. “Modern” diets. They will cause weight loss by reducing the daily intake of calories.


These diets really “work”, but should you wary of the problems that come along with them. Studies have proven that most people who use these diets will regain the lost weight shortly after the termination of the diet. With the modern diets you can lose more muscle than fats.

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Honestly, if you are tired of being overweight and softness, or you desperately want to express your stomach, then you have to educate, inform and most importantly to be serious about changing your body (physical appearance). The most important is to have “smart” nutrition (diet). That includes:


  • Eat more often
  • Eat fewer calories
  • Eat more protein
  • Exercise (aerobic and weight training)
  • Beware of overtraining
  • Be consistent


First and before we tell you how to burn fats you need to know some facts.



  • FACT 1 our body must have fats. There are two types of fats. Both are so-called essential fats that are essential for the basic functions of the heart, brain, lungs, liver, muscles and glands and other stored fats around the organs and mostly in the subcutaneous adipose tissue.
  • FACT 2 women’s should have a minimum of 12% body fat for orderly hormonal status and men of normal physiological status should have a minimum of 3%.
  • FACT 3 Subcutaneous fat is reduced only when the body needs extra energy, and it happens when we have sustained any physical activities.
  • FACT 4-Each body has its own unique genetic pattern or scheme for the disposal of fats, is where and how much more or less precipitate.
  • FACT 5 male population tends to the accumulation of fat in the abdomen and women in the hips and buttocks.

We must recognize that the most difficult is to burn fats on legs and stomach. To burn this fats while we are asleep we must boost digestive system. Here you will meet some wonderful drink from natural products that can help you a lot. You can burn this unloved fats while you’re sleeping.


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  • Vinegar
  • A tsp of ginger or honey
  • Parsley
  • Cinnamon
  • Lemon

Mix this ingredients and take them instead of your dinner. Consume this for two weeks. Effects can be visible very fast.