How to get Enough Sleep in a Short Time? The Secrets of Healthy Sleep

Lack of sleep occurs in people of all ages, and most often in young mothers, students and many other people. But why is it sometimes enough 15 minutes of nap to fully restore energy, and sometimes after 10 hours of sleep, we feel sleepless? According to a person’s physiological needs, he needs at least 6 hours of sleep. There are also effective methods that teach us how to get enough sleep in just 4 hours. For example, some historical celebrities slept much less than 6 hours. Nikola Tesla slept 2-3 hours a day, Benjamin Franklin slept about 4 hours, Thomas Jefferson only 2 hours a day.

What do scientific studies say?

According to scientific studies conducted by many researchers, they have come to the conclusion that sleeping from 7 to 9 o’clock can completely replace night rest. The secret to getting enough sleep in just one hour is that your brain needs to be literally programmed, but not how to fall asleep or sleep for at least 2-4 hours, but how to wake up at a certain time. The body must accept the task of resting, not sleeping.

Preparing for an hour of sleep

What helps you to fall asleep easier? Warm shower, warm feet, well-ventilated room, comfortable mattress and complete relaxation. Lie down comfortably on your bed, in comfortable clothes, relax and let go of all thoughts from your head. Make a configuration in your mind that the planned time of healthy sleep in a comfortable bed is enough to wake you up and feel rested for the next day.

How to sleep well in 1 hour?

In order to be able to sleep well for only 1 hour, the most important thing is to catch the phase of deep sleep. It has long been proven that sleeping at different times during the day has different depths of sleep, and this has been proven by the way sleep affects a person and by how relaxed a person can feel. Experts who have studied sleep patterns have found that the deepest phase of sleep is different for everyone at different times of the day and in duration. To be able to figure out your time frame for the most effective sleep, you will need to do an experiment. You will need 1 week for this experiment. To find the right hour for effective sleep, you will need to set your alarm 1 hour later, starting at 24.00. During the week you should find out which hour of the night sleep allows you to wake up the strongest. This will be the answer to what is your most effective hour in which you experience the deepest sleep. By determining the most effective sleeping times, you will always have a secret weapon in case of emergency when it is not possible to sleep for eight hours. If you can find your deepest phase of effective sleep, you can achieve good results and feel energetic throughout the day.

However, this should not become a routine and everyday, because still 1 hour for a few days of complete night sleep, can completely upset your balance. Remember that your body still needs 7-8 hours of healthy sleep every day. High quality and long sleep has a positive effect on a person’s well-being and health.

How much sleep do you need?

Modern medicine does not set strict and fast rules for how much a person needs to sleep at night to feel good. Many things depend on age, individual characteristics and health status. In most cases, doctors recommend that adults adhere to a time interval of 7 to 10 hours. However, there are many people who sleep only 5-6 hours, which is enough to feel good.

How to improve the quality of short sleep?

In order to have quality sleep, to be able to get enough sleep no matter how long you sleep, you need to fall asleep between 10 pm and midnight. During this period, the body can rest completely and get energy for the next day. Around 2-3 o’clock in the morning, the body slowly begins to wake up and begins to activate all the systems that maintain it to perform active work.